Rob van der Meertuner from Leiden

This English summary has been made exclusively for English speaking piano owners resident in the Netherlands in the vincinity of Leiden and The Hague.


My name is Rob van der Meer and since 2005 I am a fully qualified piano technician and a certified piano tuner (CPT) accredited through the Dutch association of pianotechnicians (VvPN). Besides tuning, I can offer additional services on all types of (grand) pianos such as repairs, regulation, voicing, purchase counseling and to some extent case repairs.


I charge 95 euros per tuning, taxes and call-out costs included.


For any questions on the subject of both pianos and grand pianos, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Phone or WhatsApp: 06 403 555 18.


I speak some German and French but I prefer to communicate in English.


Rob van der Meer
Jonas Daniel Meijerstraat 1
2316 DS Leiden